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Import Booking Terms & Conditions


I.1.1. Our Booking Confirmation confirms a contract between the Customer and MSC, in consequence all parties involved as Customer, such as Booking Party, Shipper and Consignee, are jointly contractual partner of MSC.

I.1.2. All services offered on behalf of MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. are subject to the Carrier’s terms  and conditions of the contract of carriage whether a Bill of Lading/ Sea Waybill is issued or not.

I.1.3. The Customer has to recheck in particular all information provided concerning description of goods, hazardous cargo, reefer and out of gauge details as well as correctness of weights indicated and has to inform us immediately in writing in case of any discrepancies or missing details. Any discrepancies at the time of receipt of the goods may lead to substantial costs for account of the Customer and might result in a short shipment.

I.1.4. An overweight surcharge will be applicable, if the weight of any container exceeds the limits as specified by the Carrier. The maximum payload has to comply with all country-specific legal regulations or requirements in the origin, transit countries and destination. The Customer is reminded that overstuffing of containers is not permitted by the Carrier and may result in legal action.

I.1.5. For security reasons all containers for all destinations need to be sealed with a High Security Bolt Seal according to ISO PAS 17712 directly after stuffing. For a detailed instruction about correct placement of seals please see our Sealing Procedure. Unsealed and incorrectly sealed containers may be resealed upon arrival at the terminal or may be short shipped. Any resulting costs are for account of the Customer.

I.1.6. Loading and stowage of goods is carried out under instructions of ship’s command. All goods are stowed ’option deck’ at shipper’s risk. Requests for ‘under deck’ stowage are subject to our written approval and confirmation.

I.1.7. Payments of oceanfreight in Germany have to be effected in €uro only. Payments made in USD will only be accepted upon request and our written approval, and have to be paid before vessel arrival at port of discharge. Bank service charges/ transaction costs are for account of the Customer.

I.1.8. Invoices are payable immediately and without deduction.

I.1.9. The customer declares that all used wooden packing materials comply with ISPM 15 regulations.

I.1.10. In case Sea Waybills are issued, Shipper and Consignee named on Sea Waybill automatically agree to be party to the contract of carriage and accept the terms and conditions mentioned on page 1 and 2 of the MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. Sea Waybill. http://www.mscgva.ch/bl_terms/seawaybill_terms.html

I.1.11. The Customer has to inspect empty container for suitability for carriage of its goods directly at the time of pick up at depot/terminal. Any later change of container will cause additional costs for account of the Customer.

I.1.12. The Customer ensures that all prior IMO placards have been removed from the container before stuffing non-hazardous cargo. Costs resulting from neglect will be for account of the Customer.

I.1.13. Dry-van containers are selected and stuffed by the Customer. The Customer expressly agrees that the “Carrier” has no liability or responsibility whatsoever for thermal loss or damage to the goods by reason of natural variations in atmospheric temperatures whether cargo carried on or under deck.

I.1.14. Import Booking Form / List of mandatory information

Mandatory information:

Client reference (if any)
Precarriage (if any)
Oncarriage (if any)
Freight Forwarder (for export from USA only)
Origin (for export from USA only)
Consignee *
Notify *
Notify 2 (if any)*
Rate reference
Agreed seafreight
Seafreight payable at
D-THC and local charges payable at
B/L type *
Estimated time of shipment

I.1.15. If not agreed otherwise the Bill of Lading respectively the Sea Waybill will be issued by the Port of Loading Agent.


I.2.1. Please note hazardous cargo bookings are only accepted together with dangerous goods declaration (DGD)

I.2.2. Even if a hazardous cargo booking is accepted by MSC in first instance, MSC reserves the right to reject shipment, since final approval is with the master.


I .3.1 Each booking/ shipment has to comply completely to requirements of EU-Regulation 1013/2006. Any wrong declaration or missing documentation will lead to a Misdeclaration Fee in the amount of USD 500 per container for account of the customer, but liability is not limited to mentioned fee, especially because other charges and penalties may arise due to miss-declaration.


I .4.1. Reefer cargo bookings are only accepted together with our special reefer booking form, available upon request


I.5.1. Check MSC Germany Import Local Charges

I.5.2. Concerning local charges for ports in other countries, please visit webpage of  local MSC office

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